Cheesecake Factory – Peoria


7 out of 10

Who doesn’t love The Cheesecake Factory?! Endless variety of food and some super delicious cheesecake. This was the first time for trying the Factory Nachos…. they came out on a large platter and were amply smothered with toppings! (eyes light up)  The toppings include the standard queso, guac, sour cream, pico, green onions, and hot sauce (the hot sauce had a unique kind of Italian flavor). The cheese got cold fast which made it solidify a bit (point loss)… but the taste was good. They are pretty standard, nothing super impressive but nothing to snub either. The one thing that did stand out were the chips…thick and definitely seemed fried in house. They stayed super crunchy the whole way through! That’s much appreciated. Of course…what would a trip to the Cheesecake Factory  be without ordering some cheesecake! They have a new flavor on the menu, Salted Carmel…ummm yummmmyyyy!!!! The Cheesecake Factory will always remain one of those staple good places to go but as far as appetizers go…the nachos aren’t the best thing they have (definitely the avocado eggrolls win that title)..they also aren’t bad either…we may be getting spoiled by all the amazing unique nachos we’ve tried out there!!  Anywho, have a great day everyone and don’t forget to send us your recommendations! 🙂




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