Moto – 16th St. & Glendale



Asian Nachos  – Our Rating is 8.5


Moto’s Asian Nachos are a unique spin on this classic appetizer! The use of fried  wontons in place of tortilla chips is perfect. They are crispy, crunchy, airy, and hold up well to the toppings. The wontons are covered with a warm cheese sauce and sour cream, then topped with a dollop of soybean and avocado guac. They give the option to add chicken, but they allowed us to sub that for crispy tofu 🙂 (Love it when there is a plant based protein option, points!) The tofu was tossed in a warm picante sauce. The tofu was wonderful and everything tasted good. The flavor reminded us of a Mexican style egg roll, especially if you dripped some soy sauce on them. There are a few changes that may have made these even better…. if they stuck more to Asian ingredients rather than throwing in Mexican flavors. For example, if the tofu was tossed in a teriyaki or  the guac had wasabi or chili flake added for spice. But even with the Asian/Mexican Fusion…they were pretty darn delish and we would definitely recommend giving them a try. Moto also has a great happy hour, just fyi 😉 Enjoy!


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